Modern Modular Kitchen Solutions by IKB Design Studio

Elevate your kitchen with one of these  stylish modular kitchen designs with IKB Design Studio. From sleek modern finishes to smart space-saving solutions, these designs have it all and will transform your kitchen into a sophisticated space.

Eco-Friendly Design with Recycled Materials

IKB Design Studio is committed to creating eco-friendly designs. Many of our modern modular kitchen designs utilize recycled materials, combining sustainable practices with stylish aesthetics. Recycled glass countertops, sustainable wood, and upcycled metals are just a few elements that make these kitchens both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

One design features recycled glass countertops and a flexible modular setup, including a full-height ice-maker and sink module. The freestanding structure maximizes vertical space with cabinetry and shelves, enhancing both beauty and storage capacity.

We also use re-purposed wood and other sustainable materials for fixtures like lights and handles. Customized shelves and butcher blocks add a unique touch, promoting environmental consciousness in your home.

Compact Kitchen with Single Wall Organization

For small spaces, our contemporary modular kitchen design with single wall organization is perfect. This layout maximizes efficiency and storage, crafted from eco-conscious recycled materials for a chic, modern look.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, this kitchen is designed to last. With various color options and specialized modular pieces, you can customize the design to fit your home perfectly. Sleek surfaces and easy-to-clean countertops offer maximum convenience with minimal effort.

Open Space Kitchen Design with Islands

An open space kitchen design gives your home a modern, airy feel. Adding an island creates extra counter and workspace while conserving physical space. Modern designs feature bright colors, minimalist furniture, and organization solutions like floating shelves and pull-out drawers, making entertaining family and friends a breeze.

Islands provide additional workspace and can be used for meals and food preparation. With drawers, shelves, or cupboards, they store everything from pots and pans to gadgets and books. Customize your island with bar stools for dining if space is limited, completing your stylish, well-organized kitchen.

Under-Counter Modular Design for Small Spaces

Maximize small kitchen efficiency with an under-counter modular design. This layout places countertop appliances and storage drawers above cabinets, keeping everything within easy reach. Multi-functional items and extendable features optimize limited space.

Under-counter designs combine drawers, pull-outs, and shelves with existing cabinets, organizing countertop appliances and maximizing available space. Features like spice racks, knife blocks, fold-out cutting boards, and pull-out shelving ensure everything is accessible and clutter-free.

Tailor this design to fit any style and size kitchen, maintaining aesthetics and functionality. Modular kitchens are easy to install and maintain, offering smart and stylish solutions for small spaces.

Multi-Functional Island for Extra Counter Space & Storage

An island is the perfect solution for adding counter space, storage, and seating in a limited space. Look for designs with adjustable shelving and multiple layers to fit all necessities while keeping counters clear. Extra shelf or cabinet attachments maximize storage, and a mobile island can be moved as needed.

Add a playful touch by painting one side of the island in a contrasting hue, creating an accent wall. This versatile furniture piece can change colors to segment the space and make it feel larger. Brighten your kitchen while seamlessly blending extra storage into your wrap-around modular kitchen design.

The island offers expansive workspace and compartments for extra storage, such as crockery and cookware. Install drawers extending to the ceiling and top with hanging shelves and mini-cabinets, adding texture and depth to your design.

Transform an island into a social zone with stools and an extra sink for washing, cleaning, or preparing food. This area keeps everyone involved in the kitchen, making it a central spot for family gatherings.

For an exceptional modular kitchen design tailored to your home in Mumbai, partner with IKB Design Studio. We understand the latest trends and help you create a kitchen that fits your style and needs, ensuring a stunning and residential space.

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